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MWMMotif Window Manager (Linux window manager)
MWMMicrosoft Windows Mobile
MWMMotif Window Manager
MWMMobile Workforce Management (software)
MWMMatt W. Moore (artist)
MWMMorris Water Maze (neuroscience)
MWMMobilization With Movement (physical therapy technique)
MWMMaximum Weight Matching (algorithm)
MWMMarried White Male
MWMModWheelMood (band)
MWMMobile Work Manager (software)
MWMMeandering Winding Magnetometer (Sensor)
MWMMusic with Meaning
MWMMotoren Werke Mannheim AG
MWMMetropolitan Washington Mensa
MWMModern Warfare Mobilized (video game)
MWMMulti Wavelength Meter
MWMMidwest Mafia (band)
MWMMen Wanting Men (personal ads)
MWMMulti-Fractal Wavelet Model
MWMMen Without Mercy (Alfred Döblin novel)
MWMModified Wolff Model (microwaves)
MWMMotor-Werke Mannheim
MWMMidwest Monster (band)
MWMMetro World Media
MWMMoodwheelmood (band)
MWMMatthew White Motorsport (Australia)
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The MWM leader annoAunced Azadari Cell to facilitate mourning congregations during Muharram.
Thousands of people and MWM workers from all parts of the country participated in the 'Nasiran-I-Vilayat Conference.' The enchanted anti-Indian, anti-Israel and anti-America slogans.
According to the MWM spokesperson, the deceased had been undergoing treatment for the past few days at a hospital in the city's Soldier Bazaar area.
MWM, along with the Shia Ulema Council expressed their sorrow and condolences over the passing away of the esteemed scholar and termed him a national asset.
MWM Terminals also has to install conspicuous directional signage to improve passenger circulation.
MWM was also requested to adjust the loading time at departure bays, as provincial bus operators have pointed out in an earlier dialogue with the DOTr that the 15-minute loading time is short and insufficient during off-peak hours.
In his letter, De Leon pressed MWM to finalize the scheduling system that would ultimately cover PITx's operations.
thought would take out joint processions and MWM workers would
He said that people from all schools of thought would take out joint processions and MWM workers would welcome them and provide them eatables from different 'Sabeel' points.
Agha Raza, of the MWM, said that arranging a meeting with the chief minister and members of his cabinet was extremely difficult.
"Neither anyone has consulted us over an alliance nor any of our leaders attended meetings of any political or electoral alliance," the paper reported, quoting the MWM sources as saying.
Officials of MWM said that the party is only focusing on the recovery of the party missing leader Nasir Shirazi and adding that no one has consulted or contacted us for making the alliance in this regard.