MWMSMunicipal Waste Management Strategy
MWMSMine Wide Monitoring System
MWMSMaintenance Workload Management System
MWMSMeadow Woods Middle School (Orlando, FL)
MWMSModernization of Water Management System (est. 1999; Thailand)
MWMSMaximum Weight Matching Scheduling
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Destaca-se o interesse na aplicacao da MWMS como forma de entender como sao percebidos os fatores motivacionais, de acordo com a Escala MWMS, pelos trabalhadores de organizacoes de tecnologia do Sul do Brasil, e por configurar um campo ainda pouco explorado no ambiente brasileiro.
These scales, however, had some problems, such as following the tradition of asking people why they did an activity, which in the workplace could be problematic and led to the development and validation of the MWMS. This is a scale that considers the motivation for work in its field of analysis (Vallerand, 1997) and, for this reason, it was selected to develop its adaptation and validation to the educational context, differing from other measures of motivation for work-oriented tasks (Fernet, Senecal, Guay, Marsh, & Dowson, 2008).
The Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) and Tehreek-e-Islami won two seats each while independent candidates won two seats.
Teys et al (2013) have presented an article investigating whether the use of tape augments the effects of MWMs in shoulder patients.
Nancy is the "French Lady," and her sister Pamela is simply "Woman." In Waugh's letters to Diana Cooper, Leigh Fermor is "Paddy the next best thing" or simply "the next best thing," apparently a reference to a popular 1908 novel by Gertrude Page (later a play and film), although that "Paddy" was a woman (MWMS 156n.
The MWMS adhered to the belief that "[p]rayer is something we owe to others, without which we leave them poor indeed." (14) This ideal was reinforced by correspondence with missionaries such as Dorothy McBain in Korea, who wrote,
Furthermore, as discussed in the previous sections, the same adaptation of HTN planning that we used for computer Bridge is also proving useful for the generation and evaluation of manufacturing plans for MWMs. Because the same approach works well in domains that are as different as these, we are optimistic that it will be useful for a wider range of practical planning problems.
The concept is now world recognised with the Mobilisation with Movement (MWM) approach becoming common place in teaching and clinical practice (Mulligan 1999).
Management of the upper cervical joint restriction was addressed by the application of specific Mobilisations with Movements (MWM's) termed sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGS) as described by Mulligan (1999) (Figures 2A-C).
The books aims are to set out and develop a clinical framework for the use of MWMs which can then be modified and applied to a specific patient and condition.
Mulligan B (1999): Manual therapy: "NAGS", "SNAGS", "MWMs" etc.
In the UK, three years ago, I had an international audience of about 350 who witnessed what 'Mobilisations with Movement' (MWMS) could do on patient after patient.