MWOAMigraine Without Aura
MWOAMount Wilson Observatory Association
MWOAMen and Women of Action (various locations)
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ETTH: Episodic Tension Type Headache; CTTH: Chronic Tension Type Headache; MwA: Migraine with Aura; MwoA: Migraine without Aura; CM: Chronic Migraine; TMD Headache: Headache attributed to TMD; Neck Headache: Headache attributed to disorder of Neck.
Therefore, the principal aim of the current project was to use a variety of different memory tasks in a cross-sectional design, in order to identify differences in specific memory processes and the role of EF in memory during the interictal period, in people with MWA, with MWoA, and in a control group.
Twenty-six participants for the MWA group and nineteen participants for the MWoA group were selected based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria presented in Table 1.
For all these analyses the one independent variable was considered to be clinical symptoms of migraine and had three levels: MWA, MWoA, and Control.
Seven participants from the initial sample of seventy (three in the MWoA group, two in the MWA group, and two in the Control group) were excluded from the analysis either because they presented migraine attack within 48 hours of data collection (meaning that they were not unambiguously in the interictal period), or because they took the decision not to proceed with the study due to lack of time.
In Wollongong, Kamm's devotion to the Virgin Mary and his exposure to the distinct forms of religiosity which were to inform the founding of the MWOA continued to develop, influenced by the distinct religious ecology of the diocese.
(56) These public expressions of migrant devotion, which continue today, were to provide a model for the program of monthly Atonement days of prayer held by the MWOA on the thirteenth day of each month beginning in December 1984.
(62) Religious gatherings held by the MWOA featured strict dress codes, according to a locution received by Kamm from the Virgin Mary on September 4, 1984: "no woman is to be allowed on the Sacred Grounds without headgear.
She complained that the constant demands by all Orthodox groups, particularly MWOA, soaked up a disproportionate amount of her time.
Gotsfeld took offense at Hadassah's primacy in Youth Aliyah and demanded the same status for MWOA. After lengthy altercations, parity was achieved in 1943, not only for MWOA but also for Pioneer Women, the American women's organization that supported Labor Zionism.
Under her supervision, MWOA ventured into the countryside and established agricultural youth villages near Petah Tikvah and Raanana.
MWOA has been especially supportive, providing scholarships, arranging for volunteer operators for the 16-inch, and making equipment available for use during each session.