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Acupoints, MWOP, and NMCR over PC and LU meridians were studied in subjects as described in Figure 1.
A biocapture device was adhered to both ventral forearms along acupoints, MWOP, and NMCR, as shown in Figure 1.
The significance of differences was determined by three-factor repeated Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), where the three factors are (1) time intervals, 1st and 2nd biocapture; (2) three sites, acupoints, MWOP, and NMCR; and (3) treated side and untreated side.
Figure 1 is a representative example of the defined PC and LU acupoints, MWOP, and NMCR.
Figure 2, right panels, shows N[O.sub.X.sup.-] concentrations in the 2nd biocapture at 20 min after MA compared to baseline control over PC acupoints, MWOP, and NMCR.
N[O.sub.x,sup.-] concentrations biocaptured during the 2nd biocapture over LU acupoints, MWOP, and NMCR were markedly reduced compared to the 1st biocapture (P < 0.05, Figure 3).
N[O.sub.X.sup.-] levels over LU MWOP and NMCR after heat treatment tended to be increased, but this difference fell short of statistical significance.
The purpose of this study was to examine two consecutive biocaptures of N[O.sub.X.sup.-] over the skin surface of acupoints, MWOP, and NMCR along PC and LU meridians.
Present studies show that N[O.sub.X.sup.-] concentrations over PC and LU acupoints are higher and tend to be higher than those in MWOP and NMCR in the physiological baseline level during the 1st biocapture but not in the 2nd biocapture.
Concentrations of total nitrite plus nitrate (N[O.sub.x.sup.-]) along the PC meridian were collected over acupoints, meridian lines without acupoint (MWOP), and nonmeridian control region (NMCR) during 20 min of MA (the 1st biocapture, the left panel) and 20 min after MA (the 2nd biocapture, the right panel) in healthy volunteers.
This years MWOP celebration is anchored on the theme Protect and Respect Life.