MWPCMassachusetts Women's Political Caucus
MWPCMulti-Wire Proportional Chamber (physics)
MWPCModified Whey Protein Concentrate (food product)
MWPCMulti Wheel Pastry Cutter (baking)
MWPCMarcus Whitman Presbyterian Church (Des Moines, WA)
MWPCMember of the Institute of Water Pollution Control (UK)
MWPCMine Warfare Planning Chart
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6 that in the vicinity of the rated wind speed, there is a relatively large difference between MWPC and the clustering centroids.
(b) A gamma-ray detector to measure photon energy, direction, conversion time and location, formed by three coaxial, cylindrical pair spectrometers, each one composed by a scintillation barrel and 250 micron of Pb-conversion foils, sandwiching a MWPC, and three layers of drift chambers.
Hovore, MWPC. EL SALVADOR: 1[masculinidad] Quetzaltepeque 1986, CAS.
Under the leadership of Associate Professor Alice Noble-Allgire of Southern Illinois University School of Law, the MWPC has outlined an ambitious program to make that dream a reality.
APPENDIX Variable Definitions TRF Annualized aggregate tariff rates TRFPC Precommitment (PC) announced tariffs TRF1 One-period lag of tariff ICTRF1 Ivory Coast lagged tariff KNTRF1 Kenya lagged tariff MLTRF1 Mali lagged tariff MWTRF1 Malawi lagged tariff NGTRF1 Nigeria lagged tariff SNTRF1 Senegal lagged tariff TZTRF1 Tanzania lagged tariff ICPC Ivory Coast PC tariff KNPC Kenya PC tariff MLPC Mali PC tariff MWPC Malawi PC tariff NGPC Nigeria PC tariff SNPC Senegal PC tariff TZPC Tanzania PC tariff CAC Ratio of current account deficit to GDP CFA Dummy variable = 1 if country belongs to CFA zone, 0 otherwise