MWPDMan Worn Power and Data (military research program; UK)
MWPDMineral Wells Police Department (Mineral Wells, TX)
MWPDMultiple-Way Power Divider
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A two-section MWPD is designed to operate in the 1.0-2.0 GHz band.
For the second example, a three-section MWPD is obtained which covers the 1.5-4.5 GHz with [S.sub.11] < -25.6 db and [S.sub.23] < -28.4 db.
To verify the flexibility of EPSO design procedure, we consider a four-section MWPD operating in the 1.0-5.0 GHz frequency band.
For the two-section MWPD, the following standard resistors are selected: R1 = 100.0 [OMEGA] and R2 = 240.0 [OMEGA].
Moreover, the chip resistors used in the MWPD are probably no longer ideal resistors [23], which can also result in errors.
A design procedure for equal split broa dband MWPD based on the EPSO has been presented.
To the best of our knowledge, the design and optimization of broa dband MWPDs based on the dispersion and dissipation microstrip line model with randomly initialized values have not been presented.
The design and optimization of equal split broa dband MWPDs are achieved using the EPSO design procedure with randomly initialized values.
The EPSO, IPSO, PSO and GA are employed to optimize two-, three- and four-section MWPDs. All the algorithms are implemented using MATLAB.
The generally much sparser MWPD results are given in [ ] brackets for popularity's sake.
26: [26] A, [24] O (These two form words with any second letter.) [For O, MWPD lacks JQ.]
The largest group of Scrabble trigrams was #8 (12 words), of MWPD #4 (5).