MWPSMigrant Workers Protection Society (est. 2005; Bahrain)
MWPSMerge When Pipeline Succeeds (computer programming)
MWPSMulti-Window Physical Spectrum
MWPSMillennium World Peace Summit (est. 2000)
MWPSMillion Words Per Second
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However, MWPS labour, safety and welfare committee head Katib Zuhair Ahmed told the GDN that plans were in place to focus more on domestic workers in the coming years as they are considered an especially vulnerable group with many falling victim to exploitation.
MWPS has been a first-stop source for agricultural handbooks since the 1960s.
The region's police chief identified the arrested alleged MWPs as Rudy C.
The MWPS informed us that some agencies may be charging upward of BD200 per worker from the company requesting cleaning work, but actually only paying BD 60 to 80 as basic salary.
The decision for setting up MWP in all the bar associations at tehsil and district level in Rawalpindi division in the wake of growing complaints of spread of fatal diseases like hepatitis C and others among the lawyers and clients due to use of contaminated water.
Among the five police districts in the region, he said the Northern Police District has captured the most number of MWPs since Lambat-Sibat's implementation, which is 71 percent or 52 out of 73 MWPs in their area.
'There are an average of 30 workers waiting to be deported because their visas have expired and their embassies issue an outpass (emergency certificate) for them to return,'[euro]oCi said MWPS chairwoman Marietta Dias.
Her outstanding salary and belongings were returned to her as she met an arbitrator at the Labour Ministry yesterday, alongside MWPS volunteer Mehru Vesuvala.
However, in an exclusive interview with the GDN she remained as modest as ever about her immense contribution to multiple communities during her time with the MWPS.
However, the 'unusual surge' at the Migrant Workers' Protection Society (MWPS) shelter has not been attributed to allegations of abuse often associated with long working hours during Ramadan and the Eid holidays, according to the report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
Marietta Dias, MWPS chairperson and press spokesperson.
MidWest Plan Service (MWPS) celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.