MWSFMacWorld San Francisco
MWSFMuslim Women's Sport Foundation (Harrow, Middlesex, UK)
MWSFMyanmar Women's Sports Federation
MWSFMorrowind Summit Forums
MWSFMinimum Weighted Sum First
MWSFMissouri Water Ski Federation (est. 1981)
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According to reported simulation results, the MWSF heuristic leads to fewer number of overflows and less latency compared to the EDF and Insertion heuristics.
As a summary, [8] and [9] report success of the MWSF heuristic against the EDF and Insertion heuristics with respect to the observed overflow numbers and experienced latency.
Besides these requirements, the MES/TSACO and the MWSF heuristic involve computations increasing with the number of sensors which could be a bottleneck as WSN have large number of sensor nodes in real deployments [1] [4].
Alternative Method: For the purpose of the comparison, the Minimum Weighted Sum First (MWSF) heuristic is also implemented.
Then, the overflow incidents and the collected data of the MSCT and MWSF methods are compared.
4, the MSCT causes considerably fewer number of overflows compared to those of MWSF at all memory capacities.
The MSCT method collects more data than that of the MWSF heuristic for all memory capacities.
The stated results show that the MSCT heuristic performs well under different memory capacities by creating fewer overflows and collecting more data compared to the MWSF heuristic.
However, the MSCT method causes substantially fewer overflows compared to the MWSF heuristic, especially at higher speeds.
It is also observed that, in lower speeds, the MSCT method performs far better than the MWSF heuristic.
The first observation in these results is the fact that the success trend of the MSCT method over the MWSF heuristic is evident.
Rimla Akhtar, the chief of MWSF, who is here for the Abu Dhabi International Conference for Women's Sports, said the arguments against the hijab or other types of dress in sport were redundant and was confident that opinions in this respect were changing.