MWSGMarine Wing Support Group
MWSGMaine & Weinstein Specialty Group LLC (West Hartford, CT)
MWSGMarine Wing Service Group (United States Marine Corps)
MWSGMILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security) Web Services Gateway (US DoD)
MWSGMental Wellness Support Group (various locations)
MWSGMacho Warrior Shin Guard (sports equipment)
MWSGMajor Works Study Guide (course work)
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This result conforms to MWSG findings that the implementation of whistleblowing policy in Malaysian listed firms is at a lower level.
Am ryw reswm mae yna froliant i'r rhai gwrywaidd sy'n pwysleisio'r goedwig, sbeis, ambr a mwsg. Ond gall yr arogleuon hefyd apelio at ferched gan ein hatgoffa am goelcerthi hyfryd ym mis Tachwedd wrth i'n traed grensian ar ddail crin.