MWSNMobile Enabled Wireless Sensor Network
MWSNMobile Wireless Sensor Networks
MWSNMigrant Worker Support Network (Northern Ireland, UK)
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Figure1 illustrates a typical Clustering Mechanism in MWSN using hierarchical data transmission of a clustered network (ie: single-hop intra-cluster communication and multi-hop [19],[20] inter-cluster communication).
Mostly the MWSN [29] adopted for the environment [18], industrial systems [30] and animal monitoring, where the human can not involve for the replacement of failure ones.
Keywords: Energy efficiency; IoT; MWSN; SDN; Topology control
Table 1 shows a comparison between different energy conservation approaches that can be applied to MWSN.
The typical attacks in MWSNs include replay attack, data forwarding attack, and sinkhole attacks.
The report does not mention the millions of false positives that probably were generated by using MWSN in order to identify (or help to identify) the relatively small number of true positives the government attributes to this bulk surveillance network.
In the research of target tracking of MWSN, an important problem is how to make sure nodes do not collide and separate during target tracking, and nodes' velocity stays in a reasonable state.
Once detected MWSN may initiate a checking method to figure out other clones in the network [16].
The importance of Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (MWSNs) in monitoring and collecting data from the environment has been increased in the recent years.
Wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks (mWSN) have attracted a lot of attention in recent years [1-4].
Research in MWSN gained momentum in recent years especially in mobility assisted data collection and urban sensing.
In this paper, we propose a distributed replica detection scheme for MWSNs that uses time-distance broadcast of nodes to detect a replica.