MWSPMelamchi Water Supply Project (Melamchi Water Supply Development Board; Nepal)
MWSPMechanical Working and Steel Processing (conference)
MWSPMissouri Workers' Safety Program (Jefferson City, MO)
MWSPMichigan Works! System Plan
MWSPMacro Water Sharing Plans (New South Wales, Australia)
MWSPMaster Water and Sewer Plan
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In the figures and tables, the units for track, CSLP, and MWSP are km, hPa, and m [s.sup.-1], respectively.
The initial conditions can be further modified by the vortex initialization scheme, if the initial MWSP is not strong enough.
For Wutip, Fitow, Krosa, Genevieve, Phanfone, and Nuri, comparisons between without and with initialization are made for track, CSLP, and MWSP. The main metric to evaluate the simulations is the MAE, which is defined in (57).
In Table 3, the improvements of track, CSLP, and MWSP made by the vortex initialization scheme are illustrated for each case.
This case study is based on my observations and experiences while I was working for the Social Uplift Programme (SUP) under the Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP) from 1999-2004.
Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP), a multi-million project (approximately 400 million USD in 2000), located in central Nepal, and is designated to solve a major water supply shortage in the Kathmandu valley.
In course of project designing of Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP), global, national, regional and local agendas were played in a variety of ways.
Although the project consultant Engineer eptisa BETs JV has recommended contract termination as the contractor has left the site without any information and the board had issued the 'Notice to Contract Termination' against the CMC last week, the MWSP has to wait till February 6 because as per the existing law, the contractor has 14-day to contact board if it wanted to continue the project construction.
The MWSP started in 2002 was supposed to be completed in 2007, but it has achieved about only 92 per cent physical progress in 17 years.
The MWSP was estimated to cost 464 million US dollars in 2000 prices.
While the ongoing Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP) is investing in source augmentation and construction of Melamchi tunnel, and the ongoing Kathmandu Valley Wastewater Management Project (KVWMP) focuses on wastewater management, KVWSIP focuses on distribution of water from the treatment plant to consumers, and improvement of efficiency and service delivery.
84,000) and construct DNI in these three municipalities; (iv) construct additional reservoirs; (v) expand the water treatment plant from 85 MLD to 170 MLD; and (vi) prepare detailed engineering designs and bidding documents for the Yangri-Larke scheme, which will further augment the water source for Kathmandu Valley using the Melamchi tunnel currently under construction under the MWSP.