MWSUMissouri Western State University (St Joseph, Missouri)
MWSUMicrosoft Windows Services for Unix (software)
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In Yukons rural communities, MWSU will provide all Yukon government-funded counselling services and will operate with an expanded scope.
Rogers (MWSU); 1 [??], same location, 9 August, 2005, uncovered dry pitfall, N.
The American porcupine (MWSU 23240) was obtained from the City of Laredo Animal Control Department in Spring 2005 (approximate locality: 27.62634N, 99.54314W).
Photographers can easily use an iPad, Android or similar device during this new MWSU class.
For more information about these three new photography courses and other Continuing Education classes please contact MWSU.
-- Following is a list of western Texas localities, sample size, and catalog numbers for specimens of pocket mice from the collections of Midwestern State University (MWSU) and Texas Tech University (TTU) used in this study.
-- CULBERSON CO.: 28 mi S of Pine Springs, 1 (MWSU 16909); 26 mi S of Pine Springs, 8 (MWSU 16908, 16910, 16911, 16934, 16961, 17251, 17254, 17255); 25 mi S of Pine Springs, 2 (MWSU 13305, 16973); 22.1 mi S of Pine Springs, 4 (MWSU 16933, 16935, 17252, 17253); 7 mi N of Kent, 2 (MWSU 18081, 18082); 6 mi W of Kent, 1 (MWSU 13052); 3.5 mi S of jct.
Catalog numbers are provided for specimens deposited in the Midwestern State University (MWSU) Collection of Recent Mammals.
Pipistrellus hesperus (western pipistrelle).--A single, female western pipistrelle (MWSU 21799) was collected as it clung to the wall of an alcove of the Cigarroa Science Building on the Laredo Community College campus on 3 September 2001.
Reithrodontomys montanus (plains harvest mouse).--On 8 March 1987, a female plains harvest mouse (MWSU 14511) was collected from nine miles west of Monahans in Ward County.
Similarly, length-of-storage of specimens appeared to have no effect, for some of the fluorescent specimens date back to the founding of MWSU collection in the early 1950s.
thesis (Riddle 1971) and subsequent additions of specimens to the Collection of Recent Mammals, Midwestern State University (MWSU).