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MWUMaccabi World Union (Jewish organization)
MWUMine Workers' Union (South Africa)
MWUMultiword Unit
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MWUMiniatures Wargaming Union (website)
MWUMan Work Unit (labor measurement)
MWUMazda Workers Union (vehicles)
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MWU satisfaction is an important variable for researchers in the field of mobility [9-11].
When Doug and Yvonne returned to Sydney in 1955 he took an active role as MWU organiser and later Branch Secretary and even later as Research Officer in the NSW Branch.
Abbreviations: AD = anterior deltoid, ANOVA = analysis of variance, BB = biceps brachii, EMG = electromyography, MD = middle deltoid, MPF = mean power frequency, MU = motor units, MVC = maximum voluntary contraction, MWU = manual wheelchair user, PC = principal component, PCA = principal component analysis, PCI = first principal component, PCII = second principal component, PD = posterior deltoid, PM = pectoralis major, RPE = Rating of Perceived Exertion (scale), SCI = spinal cord injury, sEMG = surface electromyography, TB = triceps brachii, UT = upper trapezius.
Abbreviations: CI = confidence interval, EE = energy expenditure, HR = heart rate, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, MAE = mean absolute error, MSE = mean signed error, MWU = manual wheelchair user, PA = physical activity, RSI = repetitive strain injury, SCI = spinal cord injury.
She was shocked that the two Communist women on the committee were prepared to support it on the grounds that the MWU was "friendly" to women, even though it was framed in sexist language and excluded the key issues that affected most women workers such as the organisation of the 40-hour week, part-time work and child care.
The instructors reviewed the feedback from the students after each class, summarized the salient points from the responses and provided this information along with any needed content clarification through a group email sent to the students via the MWU email system.
mean] were significantly higher after MWU than after NMWU (4.
The MWT and MWU samples of red bean flour, wheat flour and haleem wheat flours (Vi, 100 mL) were blended for 3 min and poured into a 250 mL graduated cylinder.