MWUCMontreal West United Church (Canada)
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Mine Workers Union of Canada (MWUC), who was seen as a moderate who
(68.) The misspelled Stokaluk was national secretary of the MWUC, a
Murphy got financial assistance from MWUC president James Sloan to start
Morfit declared that he would not negotiate with the MWUC because it was affiliated to Moscow through the RILU.
The anti-strike propaganda campaign was made easier by MWUC President James Sloan's insistence on union recognition as the main priority when more emphasis on specific demands and grievances would probably have been a wiser strategy.
The RCMP proceeded to arrest the outside MWUC organizers and many of the local leaders and activists.
The MWUC Locals rejoined the UMWA, Communist activists committed themselves to organizing non-union "home locals" into District 18, and Communists were appointed to a few of the leadership positions in the District.
One was the aforementioned link between the Communist Party of Canada and the MWUC and its leader, James Sloan.