MWVCRCMarine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center (Santa Cruz, CA)
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Fifty-six percent of Red-throated Loons necropsied at MWVCRC had severely edematous or necrotic foot webbing and 45% had four or more fractured or luxated terminal toe joints.
We thank all volunteers who helped with necropsies: S Hinton and M Morrow at NOAA, and F Batac, E Donnelly, B Hoover, A Ford, A Wells, and C Young at MWVCRC. Necropsy work and report compilation were supported by funding from NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Office of the Science Director (to J Zamon), Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (to J Harvey), and the California Department of Fish and Game, Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center (to D Jessup).
Total number (n), sex ratio, and estimated age of seabirds (listed alphabetically) examined at NOAA and MWVCRC following Washington-Oregon harmful algal bloom event in October 2009.