MWVDMature Watermelon Vine Decline (study; US Department of Agriculture)
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Unlike the situation in the OVD, in the MWVD, customer behavior is modelled as a trade-off between distance and attractiveness so that not all customers are assumed to patronize the nearest facility.
In this section we combine the two higher-order diagrams described in the previous sections with the MWVD of an earlier mentioned section.
While this feature is not a limitation of the MWVD, which considers the relative attractiveness of the stores, the MWVD still produces mutually exclusive trade areas as shown in Figure 6.
Thus, for both the OVD and the MWVD, in which trade areas are non-overlapping, a supermarket is seen to capture all of the sales potential in its trade area so that the volume of sales received is directly proportional to the size of the trade area.
Note that as [P.sub.ij] tends to 1, the sales estimates for any store in the OO2MWVD approach those of the MWVD. The probabilities [P.sub.ij] and (1 - [P.sub.ij]) can be considered equivalent to the proportions of market penetration by the two supermarkets in the region in question.