MWWCMendocino Winegrape and Wine Commission (alliance; California)
MWWCMetro West Worship Center (Ashland, MA)
MWWCMissouri Water and Wastewater Conference
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Teuffel, one of the saints of this earth" (MWWC, 28 July 1879).
Novel writing continued to be "agony," so she worked on a short story project with illustrator Rene Reinicke for Scribner's and, in her last year of life, with editors at Collier's Weekly on a column they wanted to call "A Woman's Sketch Book." She told them it had to be titled "Under the Sun" because "art has no sex" (MWWC, to M.
When she became ill in early 1898, she asked friends to be careful about what they said publicly about her illness and told them, "I will explain later why I care so much about this" (MWWC, to unidentified correspondent, 4 August 1898).
Howard's papers are divided between the Maine Women Writers Collection (MWWC) at the University of New England and the George J.
The MWWC now has nearly 8,000 volumes on more than 500 Maine women writers.
Recently, the MWWC has developed new initiatives in the area of collection development, with the aim of diversifying our holdings to make them more inclusive.
With their $400 budget in hand, housing the Collection in "cramped quarters" that "migrated from location to location on campus," (4) Healy and Dow built the MWWC with fearless enthusiasm.
A highlight of her tenure was a 1981-1982 grant for statewide programming from the Maine Humanities Council, which significantly expanded public exposure to the MWWC. The year-long project, titled "A Goodly Heritage," was directed by Karin Woodruff of the Department of Language and Literature at Westbrook College.
In the two decades since Healy's death, the MWWC has been well served by curators Mary Anne Wallace (1990-1996), Nancy Noble (1996-1997), Pat Milligan (1997-1999), and Cally Gurley (1999-2010), with Roberta Gray stepping in as acting curator during interim periods.
In 2009, the MWWC celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a symposium titled "Women in the Archives: Using Archival Collections in Research and Teaching on U.S.
The Healy Professor's charge is to promote, develop, and encourage use of the MWWC. As faculty director of the Collection, the Healy Professor not only helps to shape collection development policy and informs programming decisions, but also provides a conduit, operating in both directions, between this special library collection and the world of academe.
More information about the MWWC is available on our website: