MWWDMarine Waste Water Discharges
MWWDMetropolitan Waste Water Department
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Based on available funding and a bench-marking study, MWWD established an initial 3-year inspection program in 2001 that would inspect approximately 1200 miles of pipe.
Toth is a deputy director and Gipson is a senior engineer at San Diego's MWWD.
Specifically, MWWD stressed three points that Villalobos believes are often overlooked or inadequately addressed in such work:
MWWD insisted on an exhaustive, detailed analysis, both of the problem and of a wide range of possible solutions (such as coating systems), before designs and contract documents were prepared.
MWWD also required a 10-year warranty from the contractor on materials and workmanship.
They did not adequately enclose the basins, however, so in the early 1990s MWWD added a rigid aluminum panel system that rested on the edges of the openings to the basins.
Prior to V&A coming on board, MWWD had been considering plans to use a labor-intensive PVC sheet bonding system whose cost--at an estimated $40 per square foot over approximately 62,000 square feet of concrete--would have been somewhere between $6 million and $7 million.