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MXCMost Extreme Elimination Challenge (TV show)
MXCMicrowave Cross Connect
MXCMedia Center Extender
MXCMachine Exchange Coin (cryptocurrency)
MXCMobile Extreme Convergence (wireless communication platform; Freescale)
MXCMalcolm X College
MXCMISMO (Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization) XML (Extensible Markup Language) Compliance (finance)
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Moreover, MXC induces gene expression in mice via a signaling pathway that does not involve ER[alpha] or ER[beta] (Ghosh et al.
Alcatel-Lucent will provide its 9500 Microwave Cross Connect (MXC) microwave solution, to aggregate and transport DSL broadband network traffic, and will also offer installation and commissioning services.
Examples of these xenoestrogens are the industrial chemicals bisphenol A (BPA), an agent used in the production of polycarbonates and epoxy resins; dibutyl phthalate (DBP), a plasticizer used in the production of PVC and in food packaging; and methoxychlor (MXC), a pesticide manufactured to replace o,p'-DDT.
MXC was an original shareholder in Redcentric at the time of its demerger from Redstone plc and subsequent IPO and has supported the company in identifying and executing accretive M/A opportunities while acting as a cornerstone investor in each of its public funding rounds.
Freescale claimed that the MXC can help to reduce development time, thus reducing risk, complexity and time-to-market.
2 February 2016 - Two of specialist merchant bank MXC's investee companies, Redcentric plc and Castleton Technology Plc have completed strategic acquisitions, the bank said.
The company acquired Calyx from UK-based merchant bank MXC Capital Ltd.
10 April 2015 - UK-based specialist merchant bank MXC Capital Ltd.
Redcentric is acquiring Calyx from MXC Capital Ltd.