MXEMacro Express
MXEModelSim Xilinx Edition
MXEMost Extreme Elimination (TV show)
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The Fund's common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "MXE".
A disclosed he was injecting MXE obtained from an on-line source.
"There have been no confirmed deaths from MXE and nobody knows the long term risks of using it, and how similar the risks are to ketamine."
Neither static balance (sway velocity) nor dynamic balance (end point excursion (EPE) and maximum end point excursion (MXE)) changed as a result of any exercise program in the current study.
Fuerte (Red Sea Dragon), MXE -- Pam/Imelda (Pepsi Izusu), MXN -- D.
The test measures movement reaction time (RT), movement velocity (MVL), endpoint excursion (EPE), maximum excursion (MXE), and movement directional control (DCL) for four main directions (anterior, posterior, right, and left) during an eight-second trial.
The trustee for the MBS Unsecured Creditors' Trust claimed the transfers were preferences and commenced suit in the bankruptcy court against MXE to recover the transfers under Section 547(b) of the Bankruptcy Code.
Methoxetamine (also known as Mexxy, Mket and MXE) is a white powder and before being temporarily banned was classed as a so-called 'legal high'.
The drug, also known as MXE or Mexxy, is widely available on the internet with effects including euphoria, hallucinations, loss of balance and poor co-ordination.
Three statistical indexes have been used to evaluate each model (1) Coefficient of variance, CV %, (2) maximum error, MxE %(normalized to the mean value), and (3) mean difference error, ME % (normalized to the mean value) as an indication of bias.
The warning comes after experts at Llandough Hospital's poisons units and the Welsh Emergency Departments Illicit Novel Substances Group (WEDINOS) identified a ketaminelike compound called methoxetamine or MXE, which is now in circulation.