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MXMMobile PCI Express Module (NVIDIA)
MXMMobile Pci Express Module
MXMMedia Xchange Manager (VCON Inc.)
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The embedded vision system has an optional MXM type A slot for NVIDIA GTX1030 and GTX1050 graphics modules for enhanced graphical performance.
The second duo was MXM composed of Youngmin and Donghyun, also former contestants on Produce 101.
(Clockwise from top left) 'Show Champion' in Manila performers EXO, MXM, The Boyz, Xeno-T, Weki Meki and Hyeongseop x Euiwoong (Photos by Jonathan Hicap)
Nobody can stop the boys of EXO now but for the meantime, fans can keep listening to the group's rock ballad "Universe." MXM
The duo will definitely be receiving more of it during their MXM Match Up Fan Meeting at HGH Convention Hall this evening.
A structural fragment is obtained by using submatrices of size mxm from both the contact map and the interaction matrix.
power-efficient custom designs, as well as PCI Express and MXM formats for
The SSDs also connect to the bottom board through an MXM connector to the PCIe slot.
Other agencies that worked on the campaign include Citizen, MODCo Media, MXM, Red Peak and cg42.
From the Definition 1, it can be deduced that a fuzzy preference relation R on X can be conveniently expressed by an mxm matrix R=[([r.sub.ij]).sub.mxm], where [r.sub.ij] = [u.sub.R]([x.sub.i], [x.sub.j]) (i, j=1, 2, ..., m) is interpreted as the preference degree or intensity of the alternative [x.sub.i] over [x.sub.j].
Javier Chivite compara la representacion del cronotopo nacional peruano en las cronicas de Jose Luis Castillo-Puche y el programa televisivo espanol MXM (Madrilenos por el mundo) --aqui se echa de menos, quizas, algo mas de fuste critico con algunos ejemplos de telerrealidad.
As of the end of October, I was promoted to evp, general manager, so I'm now responsible for the entire MXM business of 600-plus employees.