MYAMMeiji Yasuda Asset Management (Japan)
MYAMMarist Young Adult Ministry (New Zealand)
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The dkar chag is titled as Bdag cag gi ston pa myam med sha kya'i rgyal po'i bka' 'gyur ro cog gi gsung par 'dzam gling spyi nor gyi dkar chag legs bshad 'phrul gyi lde mig.
Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, announced today that its SQL Server performance management solutions are now available through myAMS - a sales channel partner that enables overseas software firms to enter, grow and build their business in the French market.
Idera is focused on managing and monitoring servers and applications for smaller, mid-size and big companies, said Philippe Serena, President of myAMS. IT systems are getting more complex by the day, and it is getting harder and harder for IT departments to find the source of their issues.