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(64.) See Time for a Paris-Principles Compliant National Human Rights Commission in Myanmar, ASIAN NGO NETWORK ON NAT'L HUMAN RIGHTS COMM'N IN MYAN. & BURMA FSHIP 1-2 (Sept.
However, the deteriorating situation and ongoing tensions in Myan mar's Rakhine State have others worried that any return could be dangerous for Rohingyas.
I've recently found the musical piece Myan Myan, a merengue by the Haitian group Coupe Coupe to accompany the poem.
Myan Spacarelli, owner of Looney Bins and Downtown Diversion, reports that both the city and the state have been very supportive of the new C&D recycling operation.
For her seat, she rides an emanated myan. She is also called Kha rag khyung btsun ('revered garuda of Kha rag').
"The loan enables us to realize our dream of having a state-of-the-art, enclosed C&D recycling facility in downtown Los Angeles," says Looney Bin President Myan Spaccarelli.
The large format of the Phaidon monograph allows for a quality and extensiveness of illustration denied to the others and forms an invaluable visual companion to Lee, while Attlee's European emphasis, with its exposition of Situationist influences (dismissed by Kirshner as "speculative" but documented by Attlee through conversations with Gerry Hovagi myan, an artist who worked with Matta-Clark), nicely balances Crow's investigation of alchemy.
Her interests included traveling, and she and her son drove more than 8,000 miles while traveling throughout Mexico visiting Incan, Myan and Aztec sites.
TAKE MY HAND: Molly Smith and Myan Jagjwan, both aged five, try some steps and (right) Emily Nixon, aged seven, dances in front of five- year-old Craig Hanson.
Other members of the commission were Guatemalans Edgar Balsells, a lawyer, and Otilia Lux Coti, a Myan educator.
The military regime changed the name of the country to Myanmar (Myan = quick; Mar = strong) after suffering a resounding defeat in the 1990 election.
Michelle Rautenberg, CAM Regency Park Kurt Reynolds, CAM Sun Residential Liza Rivera, CAM Myan Management Group Mary Sheir, CAM, NALP High Associates LTD Anna Short, CAM, CAPS Greystone Property Mgmt.