MYCFMichigan Youth Correctional Facility
MYCFMountainview Youth Correctional Facility (New Jersey)
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MYCF is situated on 747 acres of rolling hills in Annandale, New Jersey, and is classified as a youth facility by the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC).
(8) However, even after retaking the TABE at MYCF, their average scores in reading and math remain at the fifth-grade level.
Vocational course offerings at MYCF are diverse and in high demand.
Additionally, in consideration of the continuous enrollment and the diverse cohorts that are in a class at any given time, MYCF integrated pedagogies supporting the majority of multiple intelligences as a standard component in many aspects of the YRIGE course.
The MYCF instructors who are certified for the course are not traditional CTE instructors; 80 percent are academic instructors.