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Atelier de travail sur l'elevage de la mye commune: institut des sciences de la met de Rimouski, 20 au 22 avril 2005.
Contexte technologique et reglementaire de l'elevage de mye et de la palourde en Nouvelle-Angleterre-Rapport de mission 25 aout au [1.sup.ier] septembre 2002.
Techniques de preelevage de la mye et modeles communautaires d'ecloserie de mollusques.
Indeed, my main goal when carrying out fieldwork was to do a third pilgrimage circuit around A myes rma chen mountain.
Both pieces of headgear remind that of Phying dkar ba, the mountain-deity of Rwa sgrengs, identified by many Tibetans with A myes rma chen: a white hat with large brims, the cone covered with red fringes and with a ball at the top.
Below, a tantric practitioner and various animals fill the pastures, while two Tibetans prostrate themselves before a furnace for smoke offering of juniper, the traditional offering to sacred mountains and in this case, a sign of the privileged relations Gesar maintains with sacred mountains, especially Ger-mdzo, one of his fathers on earth, and A myes rma chen, the most important mountain deity of Amdo.
Snowy Mountains--the A myes rma chen Range?--and green hills delimit the horizon.
Etude de la dynamique de la population des myes (Mya arenaria) de la batture de Rimouski.
Contexte technologique et reglementaire de l'elevage de mye et de la palourde en Nouvelle- Angleterre-Rapport de mission 25 aout au lier Septembre 2002.
Accounts of the twenty-four pilgrimage sites of Cakrasamvara can be found in the Cakrasamvara Tantra, Kalacakra Tantra, Hevajra Tantra, Vajrayogini Tantra, and in Tibetan works like the Religious History of Cakrasamvara by Bu ston, Kalacakra Commentary by Mkhas grub rje, the Cakrasamva Sadhana (Nag po zhabs transmission), the Seven Instruction Lineages by Taranatha, and the Religious History of Cakrasamvara by 'Jam mgon A myes zhabs.
Key references to Jalandhara are found in the Cakrasamvara-tantra and related texts, as well as in the religious histories of Cakrasamvara by Bu ston and 'Jam mgon A myes zhabs, and in the biographies of Rgyal ba Rgod tshang pa, Grub thob U rgyan pa, Stag tshang ras pa, Zangs dkar 'khrul zhig Ngag dbang tshe ring, Rang rig ras pa, the guide book of Dge 'dun chos 'phel and lastly in the writings of the previous Karma pa and Dil mgo mkhyen brtse rin po che.
'Jam mgon A myes zhabs's Bde mchog chos 'byung (71) and Zhu chen Tshul khrims rin chen's Gnas yul chen po rnams kyi dngos 'dzin contain descriptions of Jalandhara, similar to Bu ston's (72) and like most of the historical and religious accounts.