MYFAMentor Youth Football Association (Mentor, OH)
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Moreover, 1A strains, despite the lack of some classical virulence marker such as ail adhesion, the ystA enterotoxin, and the virulence-associated protein C, still carry some genes encoding such known and suspect virulence-associated proteins like the ystB enterotoxin, the InvA invasin, the mucoid Yersinia factor MyfA, and the enterochelin utilisation fepBDGC/fepA/fes gene cluster [30].
It has been detected that some clinical strains of biotype 1A bear homologous sequences to the ail, myfA, and ystA genes, which were considered to be restricted to pathogenic biotypes [5, 20-23].
The first dampening stage is equipped with MYFA automatic moisture controllers and MOZJ intensive dampeners.
"We want to create a paperless production environment, adding automation efficiency to the workforce management processes," says Myfa Cirinna, Entertainment Partners' exec VP of marketing and sales.