MYIMulti-Year Ice
MYIMuseum Youth Initiative
MYIMagic Youth International
MYIMcLean Youth Inc. (Virginia)
MYIManaging Your Information (consulting firm; Pennsylvania and California)
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To finance the deal MYI secured additional external funding from private equity firm, Altamont Capital Partners.
MYI executive director for the south-west Nigel Clarke said: "I'm delighted Phil has decided to join us, bringing his skills to an area of the country where we know insurers, brokers and their clients will benefit greatly from the focus, empathy and local knowledge that our regional strategy enables us to provide.
Collection development for others has been another major function, with many other academic virtual libraries using iVia/INFOMINE as a resource discovery service for their own collection-building efforts, iVia/INFOMINE is also used by librarians in creating Web-based subject guides or pathfinders in various subjects (this is facilitated through using our "canned search" generator and MyI field), as well as by faculty creating Web resource modules on their course pages in support of curriculum units.
myi sille niinkun tan tekevan tiimin The customer had (0.2) asked Se asiakas oli (0.2) toivonut for a young and dynamic just tallaista nuorekasta otetta approach and I was sold then ja mut myytiin silloin as someone more or less 10 just suurin piirtein kymmenen vuotta years younger than my age nuorempana, kun ma olin heh heh heh heh Lik(h)e he more or less E(h)t han suurin piirtein introduced like here we esitteli et nama nyt nama yeah joo have these 35-year kolmevitoset tassa mm mm olds here and I was 45 ja ma olin neljavitonen silloin mm mm mm mm really at the time.
Missouri Youth Initiative (MYI) (1994), Step by Step, Vol.
|| a mye da phur kyi yon tan bcu la || dmyig [written below: gnyi'd] chung ba dang cig || bsdud bsngangs ba dang gnyis || sgra snyan pa grags pa dang gsum || ngan tsong gi sdugs sngal zhi ba dang bzhi || phyi +i sgra skad +gags pa dang lnga || sems myi g.yeng ba dang drug || brtson +grus kyi go ca dang ldan ba dang bdun || sangs rgyas dang byang cub sems dpa+ thams cad dgyes pa dang brgyad || ting nge +dzin thams cad mngon du gyur pa dang dgu || sangs rgyas kyi zhing khams yongs su dag par skye ba dang bcu +o || The source of this list is, I suggest, found in a work attributed (wrongly) to the Tang dynasty scholar Kuiji [phrase omitted] (632-682), a commentary on the Smaller Sukhavativyuha sutra (Amituo jing [phrase omitted]), the Amituojing tongzan shu [phrase omitted].
As part of the managed services agreement with UNMC, Brocade partner MYI Technologies will have a resident engineer onsite for three years on a 24 by 7 basis.
btsugs pa la spyi ding sang gi dus dge ba la blo gcig legs pa la gros mthun pa ni nyung na 'o na yang dkon mchog gsum la skyabs su 'gro ba'i myi rnam kyi ni/ lhar sangs rgyas bzung gros phugs chos la gtod/ gtsor lta ba sbyang/ tshig spyod rnal du dbab/ 'tsho ba gtsang mr sgrub/ byed dgu chos dang sbyar/ spyi gros gcig tu bzlum/ sgo gnyer so sor blang/ ngan 'gro dgag tu dbyung/ bden gtam dang du blang/ 'dir bcu byas na/ tshe 'di dang phyi ma gnyis gar bde bar 'gyur bas/ tshig bcu po 'di ...
Moreover, year-to-year variability of sea ice is very large and hazardous multiyear ice (MYI) floes sometimes appear also in typically seasonally ice free regions.
dBu ma snang ba'i 'grel ba / dBu ma snang ba'i gzhung gi don rigs pa'i tshul dang myi 'gal zhing blo chung bas kyang bde blag du rtogs pa byis pa'i 'jug ngos su sbyar ba.
After the end of the narrative, the officiant, that is, the person who actually uses the liturgy as part of a rite, relates these antecedents of healing to the present case, bringing their collective weight and healing power to bear on the actual patient: "Today, if one looks to tomorrow, this benefits Rma-bu Mehing-rgyal and brings him good fortune" (de ring sang Ita na myi rma bu mchlng rgyal I 'dl la plan te bsod) (PT 1285, 11.
so contemporary of, Lig myi rhya; therefore traditionally dated to approximately 7th or 8th (Bon sources) e, AD, depending on -which Yar lung Emperor he is associated with.