MYLKMyosin Light Chain Kinase
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The peak area intensity values of MYLK, PP1d, ROCK2, CPI-17, MYPT1, and MYL9 were divided by the peak area intensity values of [gamma]-actin from the same sample to calculate protein expression relative to [gamma]-actin expression.
The scrumptious Mylk come in an assortment of fabulous flavours including chocolate, chai, and Matcha green tea.
Our method also identified several important TFs and their regulatory relationships, such as EGR3, RFX3 and MYLK. EGR3 was found overexpressed in tumor cells and was identified as a core regulator in modules 1, 3, and 10.
Upon clicking on the "check for variants" link, we were presented with the spellings milk, milke, mylke, mylk, and milck.
Ten are of known function [GJA1, ITGB3, collagen type I alpha 1 (COL1A1), IGFBP5, MMP2, myosin light polypeptide kinase (MYLK), GATA binding protein 6 (GATA6), chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 2 (CCL2), protein kinase C alpha (PRKCA), and nudeoporin (NUP88)], and one has unknown function.
As a result, though widely regarded as 'milk' alternatives, the likes of soy, almond or hazelnut drinks can't market themselves as 'milk' - a restriction some have sought to circumvent creatively by using terms such as 'mylk' instead.
The first new flavor, Chai Hemp Mylk, is rich in protein and delivers a beneficial ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats.
Camp and Furnace, 67, Greenland Street, 0151 708 2890, Fri, Nov 20 MYLK Supper Club Unique dining experience that showcases delicious, imaginative food.
Road, 07903 407424, - to Wed, Dec 23, PS8 Toddler Time Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, 0151 478 4199, - Fri, Sep 11 myLK supper Club People with allergy requirements contact 01925 899957 or info@madebymylk.
Rebel Kitchen wanted to create plant-based dairy products under the umbrella of its 'Mylk' range, which tastes and can be used like dairy.
Top tip These waffles are made with Rebel Kitchen Mylk for a great vegan and gluten-free brunch treat
"Yet we struggled to find a pure plant "mylk" using organically-grown ingredients and activated nuts, minus preservatives and other nasties.