MYMOPMeasure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (questionnaire)
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Of the 45 completed MYMOP forms, 36 (80%) had a profile score that reduced by more than one point, which can be seen as clinically significant--that is, representing a change that is of importance to those women.
Although the use of MYMOP to determine a profile score only reveals the woman's perception of any improvement, it does provide the opportunity to assess how women perceive acupuncture within a clinical care environment.
As there was no control group to compare findings for the MYMOP scores, these scores only reflect the women's personal satisfaction and it is possible that these scores were influenced by confounding factors, such as time to rest, attention paid, and desire to please the acupuncturist.
Measuring outcomes in primary care: a patient generated measure, MYMOP, compared with the SF-36 health survey.
Neste sentido, o trabalho realizado por meio do programa "Yoga e Promocao da Saude" buscou aferir as repercussoes da pratica no participante, focadas, inicialmente, na gradacao dos sintomas e do bem-estar autodeclarados no instrumento adaptado do MYMOP.