MYMOP2Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile 2
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The MYMOP2 scores can be calculated as either a mean of the ratings or considering the questions individually.
First, the MYMOP2 was independently translated from English to Turkish (forward translation) by two native Turkish speaker researchers.
The MYMOP2 has been used successfully in English-speaking countries, whereas it has already been translated into French, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, German, and Chinese (9,10).
(15) studied chiropractic patients and measured the effects with the MYMOP2 and Well-Being Questionnaire 12 (W-BQ12).
Total MYMOP2 scores were not significantly different between the qigong and control groups at 12 weeks (p = 0.19) or at the 4-week follow-up (p = 0.17).
Among MYMOP2 categories, the total score and symptoms were significantly decreased in the qigong group after 8 weeks (total: p < 0.01, symptoms: p < 0.001), 12 weeks (total: p < 0.001, symptoms: p < 0.001), and the follow-up of 4 weeks (total: p = 0.01, symptoms: p < 0.001).