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MYPMiddle Years Programme (International Baccalaureate Curriculum)
MYPMake Your Point
MYPMember of Youth Parliament
MYPMulti-Year Procurement
MYPMalawi Young Pioneers (paramilitary group; Malawi Congress Party)
MYPMinnesota Youth Program
MYPMulti-Year Projection
MYPMaximize Your Potential (dental consulting firm; Phoenix, AZ)
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Ben continued: "Having finalised my manifesto and having submitted it to the St Helens Council who monitored the MYP Elections, I then focused on campaigning and ways in which to engage young people in the process of the MYP election.
He will work alongside 400 others from across the country as an MYP, representing young people from the borough, taking forward their views, and debating on their behalf locally, regionally and nationally.
In December alone (based on recently provided data from MYP management), over 160 exclusive agreements have been signed with Chinese manufacturers for US distribution.
Because Vtg is the primary yolk protein in invertebrates, it may have been inferred in earlier studies on echinoderms that the major protein of the yolk granules (major yolk protein (MYP)) is a Vtg.
Cabinet member for Children Cllr |Craig Hannaway and MYP Timothy Would
In 2013/4 Bradley Smith was MYP for Solihull, while James Hunt was MYP for Solihull in 2012/13.
JBS in Jumeirah will offer the MYP from September 2011 and DP from September 2012.
Ruby Davies is a member of the UK Youth Parliament and will take her place on the famous green benches, along with 300 fellow MYPs to discuss a range of issues, including cost of university, sex education in schools and job opportunities.
DOD's process for justifying multiyear programs leaves questions about the appropriateness of some approved MYPs and the cost effectiveness of investments made for the risks assumed, as indicated by recent submissions for the F-22A and V-22.
Representing the North East will be Rebecca Musgrove, 15, the MYP for Durham, and 15-year-old James Bartle, the MYP for Newcastle.
But the Youngs left the business to move to America to launch Mike Young Productions (MYP), which is now one of America's biggest independent production studios.
After moving to the USA 15 years ago with his wife Liz, the Los Angeles family heads Mike Young Productions - MYP.