MYPIMaquinaria Y Productos Industriales (Spanish: Industrial Machinery and Products; Spain)
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This year, participants may choose from the following academies of study: Aerospace Engineering, Ag Communications: Telling Stories of Ag & Environment, Ag Mechanization: Horses to Drones, Animal Nutrition & Welfare: From the Wild to the Mild, Animal Sciences, Work Hard & Play Hard: Health, Sports, and Wellness Careers, Crop Science: Sustainable Food Systems, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Food Science & Human Nutrition: From Farm to Table, Game Design: Digital Art, Storytelling & Fabrication, Human Development & Family Studies, Molecular & Cellular Biology, MyPI Disaster Preparedness, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences: Sustainable Summer, Light & Sound Technologies for Stage & Theater, Veterinary Medicine.
Samal has been instrumental in promoting Washingtons My Preparedness Initiative (MyPI) pilot program, educating her peers and delivering preparedness presentations to 12 additional households.
This years winners of FEMAs Individual and Community Preparedness Awards are: Outstanding Citizen Corps Council: Connecticut Citizen Corps Council; Community Preparedness Champions: Rosalind Roz McKelvey and Cindi Barker; Awareness to Action: Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies (BRACE); Technological Innovation: SABER, the Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting; Outstanding Achievement in Youth Preparedness: MyPI National (short for My Preparedness Initiative); John D.