MYROMountains Youth Resource Organisation (Australia)
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Derived from the word "essence" in Greek, Myro's formula is a mix of a natural sugar-derived antimicrobial to prevent odor, barley powder to absorb wetness, "safe" synthetics to preserve skin's natural moisture barrier and a natural time-release fragrance.
do Myro, who organised the 22 Bees Project last year to support the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack, said: "I'm delighted to be part of this exciting project for Prestwich Arts Festival and encouraging people to explore Prestwich to find all the locations."
Our first prize winner will receive a set of six Myro Audio Story Books and CDs and a Myro Activity Pack.
The six new children's stories follow Myro the Microlight and his plane friends as he explores awesome Australia.
According to Fernandez-Otheo and Myro (2003), over 40% of output and 30% of employment in manufacturing was in the hands of non-residents and foreign capital penetration reached 70% of value added in the automobile industry in the late 1990s.
evtyches myro imperio fecit," to "tvrbvlenta:" troubling, agitating (91).
(For a detailed description of the development of the Spanish economy over the past four decades, see Martin 1999 and Myro 2001.)
Josefa Garcia Grande, "La Agricultura", en Rafael Myro (director), Economia europea.
The agrarian sector was in a period of transformation which would intensify and lead to serious job losses.(2) The industrial sector was affected by a surplus of productive capacity in many branches, and by its specialization in areas where international demand grew slowly and which were threatened by competition from newly industrializing countries (NICs) (Myro, 1988; Buesa and Molero, 1988).
Of the familiar options for avoiding coinciding objects, the only ones adequate for dealing with persons and their bodies are (a) relativizing identity, either to sort (Geach 1980) or to time (Myro 1985), (b) denying the reality of the objects of our ordinary ontology (Heller 1990; Zimmerman 1995), and (c) combining the doctrine of temporal parts with either a doctrine of modal parts (Schlesinger 1985), a rejection of de re modal properties (Gibbard 1975), a nonstandard theory of reference (Jubien 1993), or a claim that objects have their size and shape essentially (Heller 1990, 53-55).
"Our museum is actually a building within a building," says museum facilities manager Myro Riznyk.
Helots, for example, were given a certain number of blows once a year lest they forget their unfree status (Myro FGrH 106 F 2 ap.