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"No one ever applied the power to create to the soul" according to bestselling author Caroline Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit Why People Don't Heal Sacred Contracts Entering the Castle) on this CD.
Walter Myss (Thaur bei Innsbruck: Wort und Welt, 1993), 571, 609; Tibor Szentpetery and Terezia Kerny, Gottes feste Burgen: Sachsische Wehrkirchen des Mittelalters in Siebenburgen (n.p., 1990), 141 (includes photos of the church in Werd).
Astin and Astin (2000) help to translate such ideas into educational contexts, while scholars such as Glassman (1998), Jones (1999), and Myss (1997) contribute complementary processes that increase our understanding of the intricate and intimate challenges involved.
Even in the basic belief system of the Judeo-Christian theology is the concept that disease is a result of being out of harmony with God's will or laws (Myss, 1996).
He has also reined in his hyperactive juvenile excesses thanks to self-help guru Caroline Myss. "She told me, 'Every time you go onstage you feel you have to prove something.
The Prince was speaking after an hour long lecture by author Dr Caroline Myss entitled The Journey to Becoming Conscious, which he said was inspiring.
If new spiritual teachers like Thomas Moore, Carolyn Myss, John Donohue, and the formerly Catholic Matthew Fox are any clue, there is, sub rosa, a Catholic New Age.
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As co-author Myss points out, "the strongest message of the holistic health movement in the doctor-patient relationship is patient self-responsibility and `personal improvement.' This differs from the conventional patriarchal practice where authoritarian attitudes and failure to share information with patients tend to make them feel helpless."
It is also consistent with the channeled message given to Caroline Myss regarding the Anatomy of The Spirit and the seven psychic centers.
Heartbeats begins with Adyanshanti, and includes words of deep wisdom from Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckart Tolle, Angeles Arrien, Caroline Myss, Tara Brach, and others.