MYTOMulti Year Tariff Order
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The Order titled: 'the 2016 - 2018 Minor Review of Multi-Year Tariff Order (MYTO) 2015 and Minimum Remittance Order for the year 2019 stated that for this period, the Federal Government(FG) would pay the difference between cost-reflective tariffs determined by the Commission and the actual end-user tariffs.'
In attendance were partners from Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW), pupils from MYTO Junior Academy, Ruthigiti and Kagira primary schools and members of Waithaka Youth Association who recited poems and performed short drama in line with the theme of event, "young women have a right to dignity, safety, voice and power".
Marie Proskeova 4/28/1911 in Vysoke Myto. Opera, v.
SERVICE: Apostolic Church; Starts: Sundays, 9:30, Bratislava City Church, Trnavske myto 1, English
The MYTO provides a 15-year tariff path for the Nigerian Electricity Industry with minor reviews each year to reflect changes in a limited number of parameters, such as inflation and gas prices.
It has completed major and minor reviews of the Multi Year Order (MYTO) II, a result of the lobbying from Market Participants--licensees in generation, transmission and distribution, and prospective investors--who felt that some of the technical and financial considerations in the tariff calculations needed to be re-examined.
Lithological and stratigraphic evalution of the Vysoke Myto syncline), MS UUG Praha (nepublikovano), (in Czech, unpublished).
Familiarity with the landscape from which the Lachian master drew his inspiration is an undoubted plus, but actually the recording by Kahanek's rather older colleague, Jan Jirasky who comes from Vysoke Myto, sounds just as "authentic".