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Where, the pressure of sprayers AP varies from 0.05MPa to 0.3MPa with step of 0.05, the distance between sprayer and plane surface H varies between 385 and 450 mm, [H.sub.overlap] depends on the conditions of the experiment, [D.sub.large] was given by the study of Tebbal and Mzad as following:
4) for single sprayer (TAB.1) was studied experimentally by Tebbal and Mzad, the authors established a correlation which can be described by the following relationship,
The variances [[sigma].sub.x] and [[sigma].sub.y] present in the correlation (5) are given empirically and their values are 0.4304 and 0.4121 respectivelly Mzad and Elguerri carried out study based on the results of Tebbal and Mzad.