MZCMulti-Zone Controller
MZCMinimum Zone Circle
MZCMount Zion College of Engineering (Kerala, India)
MZCMilwaukee Zen Center (est. 1983; Milwaukee, WI)
MZCMini Z Canada
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En los estudios aparece una caracterizacion de la participacion de las mujeres en las luchas contra la guerra y a favor de la paz como un proceso de movilizacion politica que se disputa tanto en el campo de la justicia material como en el espacio de lo simbolico, y que surge en la segunda mitad de los anos noventa como respuesta a la grave situacion de vulneracion de derechos humanos con el fin de contribuir al desmonte de las dinamicas de la guerra (Ibarra, 2007; MZC y Corporacion SISMA Mujer, 2010).
In this study, Council scientists and their partners used macaque and mouse models to examine whether MZC gel could prevent vaginal and rectal transmission of SHIV-RT (a virus combining genes from HIV and SIV, the monkey version of HIV), HSV-2, and HPV.
Researchers involved in developing MZC described the results of the preclinical study as particularly encouraging because of the product's broad spectrum of activity.
In addition to the gel," said Fernandez-Romero, "we are exploring sustained-release intravaginal rings and on-demand nanofiberbased delivery systems for MZC.
We are delighted to have Christie Vive Audio fitted in our flagship auditorium of this cineplex, which is the most modern and luxurious theater in the entire northeastern region of China, said Kexin Zhang, Manager, Xinshidai MZC Cinema.
Jianhua Hu, Project Engineer, Xinshidai MZC Cinema, shares the same sentiments, remarking that Christie Vive Audios robust system design and capability to unleash the full potential of digital cinema are the main reasons why we decided to install these systems in our Dolby Atmos certified flagship auditorium fitted with 49 LA Series speakers.
Cinema-goers who attended the screenings of the Chinese historical film, The Founding of an Army, applauded Xinshidai MZC Cinema for offering a highly immersive movie-listening experience with clear and discrete sounds from various directions.
Besides the Vive Audio system deployed in its flagship auditorium, the other four halls in Xinshidai MZC Cinema have deployed the Christie CP2208 digital cinema projector, which takes superior performance coupled with flexibility and affordability to a new level.