MZCRMinisterstvo Zdravotnictvi Ceske Republiky (Czech)
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The MZCR technology produces more homogeneous comonomer distribution than these multiple reactor series because each MZCR particle is an intimate blend of both material fractions, Basell says.
The MZCR reactor represents a further step beyond Basell's multi-reactor Catalloy process, which was previously the only in-situ way to make PP copolymers with high ethylene-rubber content for automotive parts, roofing membranes, and films that combine high stiffness and high impact.
According to Basell's patents, MZCR reactors can make HDPE homo- and copolymers, LLDPE with 0.88 to 0.94 g/cc density, EPDM, impact PP, and PP copolymers with ethylene or other alpha-olefins.
Basell is converting a 352-million-lb/yr Spheripol plant in Brindisi, Italy, to MZCR. It will be on stream in May.