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MZF1Myeloid Zinc Finger Gene 1
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Sequence analysis shown that the regulatory region contained some essential binding sites for multiple transcription factors (TFs), such as Nkx-2, CdxA, p300, v-Myb, MZF1, Sox5 (Fig.
When base A was present at this site, no regulatory factors were predicted to bind, but when the base was changed to G MZF1 binding was predicted.
Prediction for the binding site of transcription factors with the 5' region of FAS gene Position of Mutation Transcription Transcription the binding site type factor factor Site 1 (-54 bp) T [right arrow] C Oct-1 -- Site 2 (-545 bp) A [right arrow] G -- MZF1 FAS, fatty acid synthase; MZF, myeloid zinc finger protein 1.