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MZF1Myeloid Zinc Finger Gene 1
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Clinical evaluation of enriched transcription factor expression profiles showed significant increased gene expression of MZF1 in DN in the whole kidney dataset with a fold change of 1.16 (16% increase, P = 0.03; Figure 4).
In addition, 11 significantly enriched transcription factor motifs (PAX5, EGR1, XBP1, SREBP1, OLF1, MZF1, NFY, NFKAPPAB, MYCMAX, NFE2, RP58) were identified.
When base A was present at this site, no regulatory factors were predicted to bind, but when the base was changed to G MZF1 binding was predicted.
Proximal promoter SNPs in Nrf2 regulatory regions and enhancer elements (such as the MZF1, AP1-like, and ARElike sites) can affect transcription efficiency of the message, generating varying levels of mRNA and protein; it can also impact critical signal transduction pathways within the cell or tissue, finally playing key regulatory roles in various cellular responses after toxic and oxidant insults [19-21].
Watson et al showed that the G allele at +405 possibly resided within a potential myeloid zinc finger protein (MZF1) binding site and had direct effects on the level of gene transcription and ultimately on LPS-stimulated VEGF protein expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) (17).