MZGMinimale Ziekenhuis Gegevens (Dutch: Minimum Hospital Data)
MZGMelbourne Zen Group (est. 1985; Melbourne, Australia)
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It is similar to the MZG; however, here the device fits on the mouthpiece with a screw and a piston and the chin limits the mouthpiece pressure.
* And in Calumet, Ill., an ownership group known as MZG Associates II LLC has submitted a bid to acquire and reopen the former Calumet Steel EAF mill in Chicago Heights, Ill.
29 May: Cantonal LMM Mastercup in Tuggen at Sportanlagen (near MZG).
For nearly a decade, we have worked behind the scenes to manufacture the series PZG pumps and MZG motors for them.
Transformer station, - planning and construction of the 2-storey new building (mzg) including 1-storey connecting hall to the school building, - elevator with 6 stops between mzg and sports hall, - existing building sports hall: Barrier-free conversion of the changing rooms, Installation amokanlage, Amokgerechte signage - renewal of the locking system for all buildings.