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MZIMach-Zehnder Interferometer
MZIMcDonald Zaring Insurance (Walla Walla, WA)
MZIMedial Zona Incerta (neuroscience)
MZIMaritime Zone of India Act
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Mfundo accidentally stumbles across Mzi's covert life as a gay man.
[42] designed the graphene-oxide-silicon waveguide structure with an MZI to achieve electro-refractive modulation from constructive or destructive interferences in the device.
In this article, a methylcellulose coated humidity sensor based on MZI with waist enlarged structure is demonstrated.
Section 2 describes the construction of electrical gray to optical binary code converter using the electro-optic effect based MZI structure.
The beam splitters of the MZI were made by forming two coupling regions at two positions separated by a distance L in the fiber.
DI is an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) with differential delay and tunable phase shift in both the arms, respectively.
Among different topologies, monolithically integrated SOA-based MZI switches are the most promising candidates for all-optical signal processing devices due to their compact size, thermal stability, high-speed capability, low switching energy, relative stability, and optical integration compatibility [20-22].
"In 1996, with the ANC in power, Johnnies was sold to a consortium led by Mzi Khumalo, who thus came to own South Africa's fourth largest gold producer, becoming the first black person to take control of a mining house.
Cartabond TSI, Cartabond EPI, Cartabond MZI, Cartabond KZI and Cartabond EZI are available depending on the specific paper type and printing application.
Brett Kebble's first major deal was the disastrous purchase of Anglo American's near 35% stake in Johannesburg Consolidated Industries (JCI) with ANC figure Mzi Khumalo in a complex cross-shareholding arrangement.