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MZMMozambique Metical (ISO currency code)
MZMMach-Zehnder Modulator
MZMMedienzentrum München (Germany)
MZMMoney Zero Maturity
MZMMetroid Zero Mission (game)
MZMMinnesota Zoological Mission
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We utilized this benefit to make comparisons to clear wall cases, and to approximate MZM conditions, with the explanations given in Table 3.
MZM stands for Money Zero Maturity and is comprised of money assets with no maturity.
12) MZM is a monetary aggregate of "zero maturity assets" that equals M2 less the time deposits plus all money market funds.
He's exploring programs Cunningham funded in exchange for gifts and cash bribes from contractors, especially classified work done by MZM that involves protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs), a major source of fatalities in Iraq.
MZM is a defense and intelligence firm based in Washington.
Adaptive Monetary Policy Rules Utilizing Either MZM or M2 and the Effects of Positive Bias in Money Control Errors.
From the beginning of 2001 to the end of 2005, the Fed's MZM monetary aggregate increased by about $1 billon per week and the M2 aggregate by about $750 million per week.
The aggregation-level MZM differs from the level M2M by the inclusion in the former of institutional-type MMMFs.
This decline is reflected in a decline in the rates of growth of broader monetary aggregates, such as MZM, M2, and M3.
But as they go on to discuss, M2 and MZM velocity encountered problems in the early 2000s, plunging in ways not in line with opportunity cost variables.
M2: M1 + Savings deposits, including MMDAs (money market deposit accounts) + Small-denomination time deposits + Retail money market mutual funds M3: M2 + Institutional MMMFs (money market mutual funds) + Large-denomination time deposits + Repurchase agreements + Eurodollars MZM (Money zero maturity): M2 - Small-denomination time deposits + Institutional MMMFs Note: The basic framework for these definitions was adopted in 1980.