MZRMultiple Zone Recording
MZRMulticast Zone Routing (mobile networks)
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The MZR 7255 pump features rotors, bearings and shaft components made from materials such as ceramics and sintered silicon carbide.
3-liter MZR engines to 705,000 units in January from the current 650,000 units at its Hiroshima Prefecture plant to meet brisk car demand in major markets of the world.
When you have the RX-8 and MX-5 [previously known simply as the Miata] in your lineup, when your buyers happen to be among the youngest in the market [average age 41], and when you start thinking about what you might have for Gen Y auto enthusiasts, then you come up with the Kabura concept, a compact sports coupe that is actually built over MX-5 chassis components, a rear-drive vehicle [enthusiast-preferred] powered by the MZR 2-liter engine found under the MX-5 hood.
0-litre MZR, four-cylinder engine and i-Stop, the automaker's start/stop system.
The new model is available with a newly developed MZR 2.
List of major exhibits Reference exhibits Mazda Kiyora (Japan premiere) Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid Technical exhibits Next-generation Mazda SKY-G* direct injection gasoline engine (World premiere) Next-generation Mazda SKY-D* clean diesel engine (World premiere) Next-generation Mazda SKY-Drive* automatic transmission (World premiere) Cutaway model of MZR 1.
The Mazda5 range, which employs transversely mounted engines driving the front wheels, features two MZR petrol engines with a five-speed manual gearbox and two MZR-CD diesel engines with six-speed manual transmission.
Under the bonnet sits the same highly-responsive MZR 2.
When the Mazda CX-7 commenced sales in Japan in December 2006, it offered bold and flowing styling together with impressive driving performance provided by the MZR 2.
It comes with the same engine line-up - the lively MZR 1.
In any case, the MZR engine has been tuned to deliver torque that's usable in everyday driving, rather than high-rev power for the enthusiast.