MZSMario Zucchelli Station (Antarctica)
MZSMetal Znak Smrti (Czech: Signs of Death Metal; band)
MZSMalaysian Zoological Society
MZSMulti-Zone System (building energy)
MZSMinimum Zone Straight Line (see LSZ)
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In this context, current assay evaluates whether data interpolation used in the generation of MZs is justified.
In both the cases, the signal launched at port 1 is completely transferred at port 4 when no plasma-optic effect is considered ([OFF.sub.i] state), whereas it is transferred at port 3 ([ON.sub.1] state) thanks to the plasma-optic effect and to the consequent change in carrier concentration, which induces a [pi] phase shift between the active and the reference arms of the MZS. Similar behaviour occurs for the input signal launched at port 2.