MZWManagement Zentrum Witten (German: Management Center Witten; Witten, Germany)
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You can also acquire the MZ1 accessory box which includes the MZO 1 mini clip (black and white), the MZM 1 magnetic mounts (black and white although it must not be used on somebody who has a pace maker, two bands for magnetic mounts (both white), the transparent MZV 1 cover up for underclothing purposes, MZW 1 windshield mesh (black and white), four foam windshields (black, white, brown and beige), the ZH 1 pin or vampire clips (black and white) and finally, protective covers for when makeup is applied on the talent on site.
Now having said that, I would like to tell you one thing MZW "going to hell and back" is a metaphoric way of speaking.
Tenders are invited for Repairing Of Complete Body Including Painting Spring Leaf Changing And Wiring Of Vehicle Mzw 9860 Of Sasti Ocm
Tenders are invited for Repairing of jeep mzw 9860 sasti ocm sanjay vemineni asst manager enm sasti sub area sasti rajura chandrapur 442706 07173254144 8698985333
Tenders are invited for Repairs of Good shed, circulating area, boundary wall and Road at Warisaliganj station and Repairs to PF surface and H/T well at GSDH, Eksari, Sirary, Warsaliganj, Kashichak, BBE, Sonevarsa, Kachiyana, BFX, MZW, CHTR, Kolhana, Wazirganj, Garobigha, Paimar in KG section under AEN/ NWD.