MaRiskMindestanforderungen An Das Risikomanagement (German: Minimum Requirements for Risk Management)
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MARISK Consultants, an independent derivatives advisor, has selected FINCAD's F3 as its derivatives valuation and risk management solution.
The fact that F3 is fully transparent also means MARISK can better help its clients make informed hedging, investment and savings decisions.
If you don't know how much you're paying, you're going to be paying too much," said Dany Masri, managing director of Marisk Consultants.
Using Marisk to advise or implement a hedging strategy allows clients to make informed decisions that result in better execution and directly impacts their bottom line, it added.
Important: The identity determination pursuant to the Money Laundering Act by third parties for the KfW represents an outsourcing under KWG and MaRisk and an order data processing according to BDSG.
The implementation of the related audit activities in accordance with MaRisk should especially be supported.
The ILB plans to introduce a standardized software solution for risk classification according to MaRisk.
In the course of development are at the same time to identify early warning indicators and implement (= Implementation support), which are suitable for the early detection of risks in terms of MaRisk BTO 1.
The business concept must also regulatory issues arising from the MaRisk, and consider the sicherzustellende agile development in the future in addition to the functional requirements of the system.