MABIMABI AG (not an acronym; formerly Maschinenbau Biland; Switzerland)
MABIMother's Assessment of the Behavior of Her Infant (behavioral science)
MABIMauritius Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
MABIMassachusetts Association of Business Incubators (Westford, MA)
MABIMarsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
MABIMacintosh Application Binary Interface
MABIMothers Against Brain Injury, Inc. (est. 2005; St. Johns, FL)
MABIMean Annual Biomass Increment (forestry)
MABIMonoclonal Antibody-Based Immunoassay
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55 wells drilled in Panzhuang (45 SLH, 10 PDW), passing full year target of 29 wells and 67 wells drilled in Mabi, completed the target drilling plan.
And world football governing body FIFA recently imposed a one-year ban on talismanic captain Mabi Mputu and an 11-month suspension on fellow midfielder Basisila Lusadisu after incidents during a regional championship match.
Their clash with Rwanda's APR had to be abandoned when star player Tresor Mputu Mabi reacted with fury to seeing a goal disallowed.
Best African player on the continent: Uche Agba (Heartland FC, Nigeria), Mputu Mabi (T.
Its aim was to market gas anywhere in Egypt, beginning with the areas nearer to the onshore Abu Mabi and offshore Abu Qir fields in the Nile Delta.
Skipper Mabi Mputu along with their goalkeeper Mutebe Kidiaba impressed against the Koreans.
1994); (2) to review the basic concepts of TOC (Ronen and Starr, 1990; Fawcett and Pearson, 1991; Spencer and Cox, 1995); (3) to categorize TOC concepts and terms (Cox and Spencer, 1998); (4) to review TOC literature (Rahman, 1998; Mabi and Balderstone 1998); and (5) to demonstrate its applications in various areas such as supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, sales and marketing, and human resource management (Goldratt, 2000; Blackstone, 2001).
Efervescencia como la que hace brotar la espuma de nuestro mabi.
amabamu, miyabikimu, naamemu (cubeo), mabi (curripaco), bupasantu (kakua), mitamba (kogui), kamuuaboto (sikuani), behdah waridah (siriano), kamavakha (tariano), waitudah (tukano), beedah (tuyuca), wah tu dari (wanano), pisero (yukuna)
Such an exhibit would shed light on casabe making, mabi preparation, the nets used for catching jueyes (crabs), basket weaving (jabas), and fishing nets (nasa), pasteles, endemic medicinal plant use, and the multitude of Taino customs that have continued to be a part of Puerto Rican culture.
When ICC joined the Kintamani project, Uliana spent two months during harvest living at Mabi Village, the first SA to be involved in the project.
Prior Informational/Behavioral Intervention Studies with Parents of LBW Premature Infants Investigators Sample Design and Intervention Widmayer & Field 30 low SES, Three-group experiment: (a) (1981) African demonstration of the Brazelton American Neonatal Behavioral Assessment teenage mothers Scale (BNBAS) on neonates to and their mothers and completion of the premature Mother's Assessment of the infants Behavior of her Infant Scale (MABI) at birth and weekly for 4 weeks after hospital discharge; (b) completion of the MABI at birth and weekly for 4 weeks after discharge; (c) completion of a weekly developmental questionnaire.