MABIMABI AG (not an acronym; formerly Maschinenbau Biland; Switzerland)
MABIMother's Assessment of the Behavior of Her Infant (behavioral science)
MABIMauritius Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
MABIMassachusetts Association of Business Incubators (Westford, MA)
MABIMarsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
MABIMacintosh Application Binary Interface
MABIMothers Against Brain Injury, Inc. (est. 2005; St. Johns, FL)
MABIMean Annual Biomass Increment (forestry)
MABIMonoclonal Antibody-Based Immunoassay
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In an interview with during the launch of her book "Paano Kumain ng Kulay?," Mabi said, "The sooner we shape healthy habits, much better, kasi mas madaling turuan ang bata, mas curious.
In Mabi, the local government had to delay a project to install advanced rainfall measuring radar due to local opposition and lack of funding.
- AAG's gross average daily production for 2018Q3 achieved 2.24 MMCM per day ("MMCMD") (Panzhuang 1.96 MMCMD, Mabi 0.28 MMCMD), a 3.2% increase compared to the 2018Q2, and a 24.4% increase compared to 2017Q3
Asked if he knew he lived in a designated risk area, Kenji Ishii, a 57-year-old resident of Mabi district, said: "I'm afraid I did not know that very well".
A quarter of flood-prone Mabi, sandwiched between two rivers, was inundated after one of the area's levees crumbled under the force of last week's torrents.
Bellach mae hi wedi sefydlu "Lwli Mabi", busnes bach ble mae hi'n prynu hen ddodrefn ac yna'n eu haddurno er mwyn eu gwerthu.
Bellach mae hi wedi sefydlu 'Lwli Mabi', busnes bach ble mae hi'n prynu hen ddodrefn ac yna'n eu haddurno er mwyn eu gwerthu.
(13.) Martina BEE, van Doornum G, Dorrestein GM, Niesters HGM, Stittelaar KJ, Wolters MABI, et al.
(2014) developed and tested the model of athlete brand image (MABI) including the dimensions of athletic performance, attractive appearance and marketable lifestyle.
O'Brien, Elissa How, Yilei "Wendy" Lu, Millicent Mabi, and Cecilia Rose (University of British Columbia's School of Library, Archival and Information Studies), explored refugee students' access to and use of information during the settlement process.
International Conference "Serbien und Byzanz/Serbia and Byzantium" (2008: Koln, Germany) Edited by Mabi Angar and Claudia Sode