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MWNYMacWorld New York (Macintosh trade show)
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Titles the company has published include World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia (winner of the 2003 Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X Technology Adoption), The Print Shop for Mac (Best of Show -- Macworld New York 2003) and the upcoming Kid Pix Deluxe 3 for Mac OS X (Best of Show -- MacWorld San Francisco 2004).
Ambrosia's Jason Whong will be made to eat a smorgasbord of live or sauteed crickets, grasshoppers, locusts and spiders at the MacWorld New York 2000 conference next June unless the Rochester, New York-based firm gets it right first time on its Cythera, Ferazel's Wand and Pop-Pop games.
Though Apple Computer Inc still won't say when it plans to launch its long-awaited consumer laptop, rumor has it that the release will be the highlight of interim CEO Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld New York on July 21.
A test run is apparently slated for early July in order to ensure demo units will be available in time for Steve Jobs' Macworld New York keynote on July 21.
Now MacOS Rumors says the Lombard PowerBook G3, a new professional laptop, will be released in its place, with the P1 held back until MacWorld New York, July 21-23 1999.