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MCDMinor Civil Division
MCDMunicipal Corporation of Delhi
MCDMcDonalds (restaurant)
McdMacedonian (linguistics)
MCDMad Cow Disease
MCDMarine Corps District
MCDModèle Conceptuel de Données (French: Conceptual Model of Data)
MCDMagnetic Circular Dichroism
MCDMurder City Devils (band)
MCDMinimal-Change Disease
MCDMultiple Carboxylase Deficiency (genetic metabolic disorder)
MCDMini Client Driver (Microsoft/OpenGL)
MCDMobile Computing Device
MCDMassimo Comun Divisore (Italian mathematical term)
MCDMore Core Division (clothing)
MCDMotor Carrier Division (Michigan State Police)
MCDMedical Care Development, Inc. (Augusta, ME)
MCDmacular corneal dystrophy
MCDMedical Care Development International (Augusta, ME)
MCDMachine Control Data
MCDMultimedia Cartridge Drive
MCDMedical Crew Director
MCDMinimum Cost Design
MCDMobile Communications Device
MCDMagnetic Chip Detector (jet engine)
MCDMason Conservation District (Shelton, WA)
MCDMolecular Coincidence Detection
MCDMicro Candela (SI unit of luminous intensity)
MCDMaster of Community Development (various universities)
MCDMean Corpuscular Diameter
MCDMobile Communications Division
MCDManaged Care Division
MCDMain Cabin Door (aviation)
MCDManagement Control Division (Police Internal Affairs)
MCDMicrostrategy Certified Developer (certification)
MCDMissile Countermeasures Device (Bradley Fighting Vehicle)
MCDMaster Career Director (Career Directors International)
MCDManipulative Communication Deception
MCDMunicipal Construction Division (EPA)
MCDMinimal Control Dependencies
MCDMasters of Communication Disorders (college degree)
MCDMain Contractors Discount
MCDMouvement Congolais pour la Démocratie (Congolese Movement for Democracy)
MCDMagnetic Coupling Device
MCDMidwest Computer Depot (Hibbing, MN)
MCDMonthly Climatological Data
MCDMain Contractor's Discount (construction)
MCDMean Corrective Downtime
MCDMachine Code Detection
MCDMesocyclone Discussion (Storm Prediction Center, Norman, OK)
MCDMarine Corps Combat Diver Course
MCDMission Change Data
MCDMechanical Completion Date
MCDMinimum Chargeable Duration
MCDMain Charge Disruptor
MCDMultiple Cropping Department
MCDMines, Countermines, and Demolitions
MCDMedical Commodity Directorate
MCDMessage Composition Device
MCDMonthly Cost Determination
MCDMaritime Compliance Division (AMSEC)
MCDMilitary Couple(s) with Dependent(s)
MCDMultiple-Car Discount (insurance)
MCDModel Contract Document (UK)
MCDMicro Controller Device (MILES Component)
MCDMid Central Door (Waite Park, MN)
MCDMatra Club Deutschland eV (automobile club; Germany)
MCDMichael Clarke Duncan (actor)
MCDMaster of Civic Design (University of Liverpool; UK)
MCDMitel Communications Director (call control software)
MCDMultiple Cause of Death (mortality statistic)
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They urged the Macedonian Government to end talks with Greece and protect the Macedonian identity.
The national promotion was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, representatives of Macedonian manufacturers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Clement of Ohrid, the founder of Ohrid's literary school, 70 years of the publication of the first Grammar of the contemporary Macedonian language and 70 years of the publication of the first children's books in the contemporary Macedonian language were marked.
Due to the historic and political events that led to the geographic division of Macedonia among the countries of Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia, the immigrants that came to Toronto developed three distinct identities: Bulgarian, Greek, and Macedonian where 'Macedonia' and 'Macedonian' held different meanings for each of the three groups.
The so called question about the perceived Macedonian minority in Bulgaria exists since the late 1940s when the dictators of the Soviet Union and communist Yugoslavia a Joseph Stalin and Josip Broz Tito a attempted to arrange the post-World War II order on the Balkans through the creation of a Balkan federation between Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.
Today, it is said that there are around 2 million emigrants from the Macedonian territory.
In a statement released Wednesday, the Macedonian Foreign Ministry said that Macedonian citizens could call either 112 or 184 in order to receive ambulances.
But the Ricoh Arena management is keen to discover if there is anyone with Macedonian ties in the region and encourage them to come along and cheer on the Red Lions.
The visit, co-organized by the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in addition to embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Kuwait, comes within the revitalization process of Macedonian-Kuwaiti economic, commercial and investment relations, Chairman of the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce Ivo Georgevski told KUNA.
His views have and continue to form key aspects of Greek foreign policy in relation to the Macedonian issue.
Documents 1950-1967, is a "severe falsification of Macedonian nationality and identity," the World Macedonian Congress (WMC) said on March 3.
Alexander: Men, the Thebans have murdered our Macedonian commanders there.
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