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Numerical modeling of flow control in a boundary-layer-ingesting offset inlet diffuser at transonic mach numbers, 44th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, Nevada.
When the Mach number increases from 18 to 24 at a fixed flight height, the backward RCS of the target increases steadily in the range of 4 GHz~16 GHz.
Although only one unsteady aerodynamic simulation under FWGN excitation is required under each flight condition, it is still time-consuming to generate the training data to capture the dynamic characteristics of an unsteady aerodynamic system in the mean angle of attack and Mach number space.
Caption: Figure 4: Mach number of the gas jets at nozzle exits.
Now the threshold Alfven Mach number is a little bit bigger and yields a critical jet speed for the instability onset of [congruent to] 442km [s.sup.-1], being with 5 km [s.sup.-1] higher than the observationally measured 437 km [s.sup.-1].
At lower temperatures of T/[] = 0 and T/[] = 2 shown in Figures 2(a) and 2(b), respectively, the panel undergoes the LCO motions in a range of dynamic pressure of interest, and the curves in terms of panel positive deflection peak versus dynamic pressure at Mach number of 5, 10, and 15 are presented.
The following graph indicates the selection of contraction ratio with respect to Mach Number (M).
The resulting flight data allowed them to plot actual Cd versus Mach number charts instead of correlating limited velocity data with conventional ballistics charts to establish precise BC values.
The indicated airspeed for a given Mach number gets higher as you descend, so the idea is to descend maintaining your desired Mach speed until you reach 280 knots, then simply maintain 280 knots.
The oblique shockwaves over the aft of the bullet 1.3 inches from the muzzle indicate a Mach number of 0.78 (that is the gas is travelling 0.78 x speed of sound + velocity of the bullet).